What is Life Coaching?
You may be known to give advice, but to become a Life Coach requires a lot more than you think. You must be willing to subject yourself to lifelong learning. While there are so many organizations out there that are eager to certify you as one, becoming a true Life Coach is way more than possessing a certification from a reputable institution.

Why Get Certified? 
Life Coaching is so far an unregulated field owing to which there are no specific entry requirements in terms of education or work experience. Having a college degree and some personal qualities like a desire to help people, and excellent listening and communication skills are what is sufficient to become a life coach in most cases.  However, if you really want to set yourself apart from the other coaches, you would need something more than just this. This is where a certification and the associated tag “Certified” gain importance as they give you the necessary edge on the competition.

Our Certification Process
Our program is designed to help you be successful by providing you with training, supervisor, and mentorship, and a Free membership to NCS
The certification process is a 4-week intensive online program. Weekly, participants join scheduled webinars for a group discussion on the material presented by our coaches. This allows participants to ask questions, gain clarity, and increase their knowledge in the subject area.

Weekly exams, assignments, and discussions are used to determine the mastery of a subject matter. At the end of the 4 weeks, participants will meet in-person for live supervision and certification. We want you to successfully join more than 53,000 (full time), Life Coaches, worldwide.

About the Facilitators 
Jennifer Shephard Lester, MA, LPC, CLC
Candyce Patterson, MA, CLC

Class Starts  April 20, 2023

Deadline April 15,  2023

Participants must submit the following: 

        • Resume’/Curriculum Vitae
        • 3 Professional References
        • Application
        • Tuition: $399.00



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