Gerard J Reese

Atlanta, GA

Gerard J. Reese, MA. CLC
Youth Empowerment Coach
Atlanta, GA

I am a professionally certified life and career coach, entrepreneur, and community leader who knows the struggle of trying to balance life, career, and family.  In my coaching practice, I provide the tools, strategies, and supports needed to help people create meaningful change in their lives. I am passionate about my work because helping people be successful and fulfilled is deeply meaningful to me. I have struggled with some of the same challenges that my clients face and I am a testament to overcoming obstacles. I am very familiar with the pressures of job deadlines, family obligations, and feelings of inadequacy. I get it. I know there is a better way. Coaching transformed my life and it is my life’s purpose to help others create a life they are proud of and enjoy living.

Prior to coaching, I have held leadership roles in social services in the community and have served countless individuals and families by helping them move from where they are to where they want to be. I hold degrees in Counseling and Business Administration, which are the foundations of how I practice – with business acumen and compassion for people.  In addition to coaching, I am a youth mentor and community service volunteer.  I am an active member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated. I believe that time is precious and that by living fully awake and engaged, every individual is capable of creating a deeply fulfilling life, grounded in peace, passion, and purpose. Let me help you move from surviving to thriving!

Offers video and phone sessions

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