Dr. Andrea Washington

Atlanta, GA

Adrea Washington, Ph.D.
Spiritual Coach
Atlanta, GA

Dr. Washington a native of Georgia is known for her family-oriented life.  She has served God her entire life.  Dr. Washington is a graduate of Morris Brown College where she received a BA Degree, she also graduated from Liberty University with a Master of Art in Theology, Master of Divinity and Family Counseling.  She received her Doctorate with Slidell Baptist University Theological Seminary and her coaching certification from the National Coaching Society.  Dr. Washington is a licensed and ordained pastor.  Her counseling experience has brought her to the point of helping to hurt people who are known for hurting other people because they do not understand what is happening in their lives.

Dr. Washington has been the First Lady of a church, a Pastor of a church, and now pastoring with her daughter Pastor Phoenicia (Phee) Sibert of “TMCOA”.  She believes that “to whom much is given much is required.”


Offers video and phone sessions

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